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One of Kayla’s 8th grade projects. I love seeing the girls’ ideas come to life.

Am I Crazy? Nope I love it…

So many people have asked why I do what I do. Why I Homeschool AND work. There are so many reasons. So many answers to my WHY. Hopefully I can answer those here. I love what I do inside and outside of the home. I love being a nurse and I love being a homeschooling mom.

I’m NOT a blogger. But I love sharing any knowledge that we have.. because people are always asking.

We have been homeschooling for 11 years and I have been a nurse for greater than 20. My specialty is Emergency Medicine Nursing. I thrive on fast thinking, chaos and restoring people to wholeness FAST. I may have a nursing education… but I wouldn’t call it a well rounded education. As my oldest kiddos worked through their primary years, I realized just how many gaps I had. History, geography, language arts (oh my)! I thank the Lord that He led me to the Classical learning model to help my children through since I found myself in the grammar stage of many subjects myself! More to come. I, along with many other moms in my circle, am reclaiming my education along with my children

Because of this, I have gained confidence in natural abilities that the Lord has blessed me with. Logic and Reasoning came into play when Covid hit in the ER and rules were changing on a day to day basis. My phone was flooded with questions and fears from friends, families and colleagues on a nearly daily basis for almost a year. The pandemic may be over.. but this world hasn’t become any less uneasy. Hence, the worldview that has been my rock. More to come. Join me here as you see how I triage life and school and place Christ at the center. More to come.

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