Decrease Screen Time, Add Challenge, welcoming sensory

It’s hard getting our kids off of the screens. I knew that on these cold days of June, I needed to challenge my son and stimulate his mind to get him off the online gaming. He has always wanted to conquer the Rubik’s Cube… but didn’t have the full confidence that he could. So he pulled one of those dusty cubes out of his drawer and started the challenge. He was up for it since I deemed him cut off from the online world of gaming. He Googled some tactics and was off. But what he didn’t appreciate was the not so smooth feel of the cube we had. It had a bumpy feel and it didn’t glide like the one’s seen in the Youtube videos he was watching. A smooth feel is a must. Adding a welcoming sensory and tactile sensation makes all the difference. After time and persistence… he accomplished his goal and we gifted him this elite, not so expensive cube by GAN . Now he focuses on beating his best time, which is currently at 1:14. This is my son in the video, so proud of his accomplishments.

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